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Néstor Esquivel
3 min readApr 8, 2020
If I was scared, I’m not

If I was scared, I’m not

I’ve been meaning to start writing for a while, but for many reasons, I was unable to dedicate the time needed, also I was afraid to make public some thoughts that could “lack the basics”, and did not add value for any reader.

But it’s on my mantra the principle of everything can be learned or improved, so at the end of the last year, I prepared myself reading and studying how to better write, and I finally started the journey.

It began with some articles work-related, and letters to my intimate friends, It’s was not easy and took me a lot of time, but now I’m more comfortable with the ideas that come out of my mind, and the way I prepare to be read.

The right motivations, the time and desire arrived this year and I would be happy to share with a small audience my thoughts, opinions & perspectives, about different topics, I hope you enjoy this trip with me.

Origin & motives

Five years ago with a good friend of mine, we sat on a sidewalk to discuss many topics; we deep dive into root causes of the problems and first principles embedded in them.

We used to frame our past problems and situations in order to make better approximations to our future life and business. I was happy to talk about these topics, to enjoy the time with my friend.

I’m sure that we talk about around 50 or more topics, but there was no evidence of the early conclusions we did at that time and we lost them in our memories. I found in this Joy of the old times and the need to have a story recorded my first motivation to start writing in a more conscious way.

My second motivation drives from a professional perspective; by some circumstances in the business consulting world at some point, It’s important to write your ideas, and “indirectly” talk about the experience that you had gained by many projects, in order to position yourself as an “expert” in some field(s).

Of course, I’m not close to being an “expert”, but for sure the content developed here will have the care & touch required to communicate trust and quality, hooping to be helpful to my readers.

Finally, I want to seek in the writing labor a channel to express myself and interests in a more organized way, and to build a new form to communicate better and connect with other people around my environment.

Myself & End Game

By the way, I’m 30 years old, Living in México City since 2012, born and raised in Morelia, a beautiful city in the center of the country.
I studied B.S. Industrial Engineering with a minor in Systems Engineering and a Micromaster In Supply Chain Management at MITx.

Since I remember I had curiosity and passion for different topics related to Business & Technology. And that is the main reason why I passed the last 9 years, working on Management Consulting; In the beginning, delivering solutions for Operations & Supply Chain Strategy, and during the last years I dabbled into a diverse branch of Digital & Innovation fields.

The themes I’ll be writing here will vary, but It’ll be associated with my current interests; and it will include: Consulting, System Dynamics, Innovation, Startups, Venture Capital & Angel Investing, Analytics, Software & some kind of Self Development topics.

In the long term, I hope this blog will be filled with a lot of small essays that could serve other people to apply the knowledge, and observations described here to the current troubles of their organizations and personal life.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I would do.

Néstor D.